Los Angeles, I’m Yours: Feature Interview with Tim Biskup

Feature Interview with Tim Biksup on Los Angeles, I'm Yours

A lot of the content you’ll find on Los Angeles, I’m Yours is quite fitting for this audience, which is something we did on purpose. I’ll be sharing links from LAIY in what I’m calling “mini-posts”, enough information to see what we’re doing with a low commitment. The first big piece I wanted to share is our interview and photo set with our buddy Tim Biskup. We delve into the mind of this creative weirdo and get a look at his and the spaces he creates in. The photos are beautiful and the interview is pretty funny, I think you’ll enjoy it. We plan on launching these feature interviews once a week, and the roster we have lined up is pretty incredible.

Click here to read the interview with Tim Biskup.

October 3, 2011 / By