I’m Proud To Announce ‘Los Angeles, I’m Yours,’ Our Brand New Culture Site

I'm Proud To Announce 'Los Angeles, I'm Yours,' Our Brand New Culture Site

I’ve lived in Los Angeles now for a little over 6 years, it’s the place I now call home. I’ve never experienced a place like Los Angeles before, it feels like a bi-polar city in many ways. There’s the perception a lot of people have which is that of Hollywood, filled with glitz, glamour, and bullshit. Then there’s the other side, which is where I feel I live, and the place I love. It’s filled with people who don’t drive cars, who make art with their bare hands, who make amazing drinks, who want to change the way the city runs. The creative collective. Unfortunately, I’ve never really found a media outlet – print, web or otherwise – that’s really showcased my Los Angeles, the way I see it, the way I live. That said, I’m happy and proud to announce the launch of our new cultural offshoot site, Los Angeles, I’m Yours.

Kyle and I figure that if we couldn’t find a site to show us the best places to go in Los Angeles, then we’d build one that fits us. The Fox Is Black, originally Kitsune Noir, was started to share what I enjoyed and ideas which I thought were inspiring. I stuck to my guns, I didn’t worry about what people thought and things turned out pretty well, which is what we’re doing with Los Angeles, I’m Yours. You won’t find any articles about skeezy nightclub openings (unless it’s a witty op-ed) or some real estate post about some $7 million dollar house. It’s going to stay true to us, to what we love, and what excites us.

So what is Los Angeles, I’m Yours?
Los Angeles, I’m Yours is going to be run by my partner Kyle Fitzpatrick, whom many of you know from his many articles here on The Fox Is Black. The site will be really similar to The Fox Is Black, focusing on art, design, culture and food. These are the things that Kyle and I are obsessed with, so that’s what we’re going to share. Kyle has already created a ton of content to read, so you’re already going to get a sense of what the site is all about.

One of the features I’m most excited about are our featured interviews, which is going to feature the most creative people in Los Angeles. We’re interviewing and photographing their lives, giving you an inside look at their workspaces or the places they love to be. We’ve already completed over a dozen interviews/photo, so we’ve got plenty of interesting content for the weeks to come. I’ll be cross pollinating content from LAIY here to TFIB when appropriate, I’m sure if you read TFIB that you’re going to want to know about these.

Site Design and Development
I thought I’d share a little bit of the behind the scenes design action as well, I’m sure some of you might find it interesting. I can tell you that what you see in the screenshot above is pretty close to what I had originally envisioned, at least structurally. I knew I wanted the site to be 3 columns, with one main feature column, a smaller column for more bite-size pieces of news, and then a third even-smaller column for potential advertising and other things we might want to promote. This allows a pretty large range of editorial freedom, from long form to brief ideas.

Stylistically, I didn’t want the site to have much style, I wanted the focus to be primarily on the content. To do that crafted we came up with the idea of changing the Los Angeles part of the logo and the rollover for site links based upon the time of the day. I came up with 24 colors, one for ever hour, which changes throughout the day. I think it gives the site a sense of time as well as a subtle use of color. We have a few more ideas that we want to try, but there’s plenty of time for play. The last thing I wanted to mention is that the whole thing is built on a fluid grid, so no matter the size of your browser, there’s an optimal viewing experience. The site stretches to nearly 1400px, so even the mega 2560×1440 monitors out there should feel like they’re getting a great experience.

I have to give a huge thank you to my brilliant front-end developer, Sawyer Hollenshead. I’ve been working with Sawyer now for a few months, he helped me build the Gucci Tumblr I designed, and I couldn’t think of anyone else to work with on LAIY. No matter what I threw at him, he always knew a way to do it. He was patient with me and my craziness, he was smart and inventive, and I don’t know how I would have done any of this without him. Help me thank Sawyer by hiring him for your next web project, you won’t be disappointed.

This honestly feels like I’m having another child. The Fox Is Black is my first child, and Los Angeles, I’m Yours is the newborn we’re prepping for great things. Kyle is already doing such an incredible job with posting amazing things, and we have so much lined up that even if you don’t live in Los Angeles, there’s still something for you. Great stories and ideas are great no matter where they’re located, right? Ultimately though, we get to share more of our passions with you, and that’s a feeling that’s universal. I hope you enjoy the site as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together, and thanks to all of you awesome readers for keeping us busy.


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