The Slopes in Sverige

Skipark 360 by C.F. Møller Architects and Berg Arkitektkontor

Skipark 360 by C.F. Møller Architects and Berg Arkitektkontor

Skipark 360 by C.F. Møller Architects and Berg Arkitektkontor

From the outside, the form of this project (proposed by C.F. Møller Architects and Berg Arkitektkontor) is quite striking. It’s bold in a way that reminds me of Superstudio’s Continuous Monument… just sloping downward. On the inside, the slope is actually a ski slope; potentially the world’s longest indoor ski slope. I would have expected this behavior from Dubai, but this is proposed to be just outside of Stockholm. Doesn’t that seem surprising? When I started to look for indoor ski slopes (there is actually one in Dubai) Europe dominated the list, having not only the most, but also the biggest and longest. I understand that Europe isn’t an entire continent of white-powder-covered mountains, but didn’t you guys ever come up with sports that don’t require the construction of giant, snowy refrigerators? What’s wrong with curling for a winter sport? Or something better suited to your climate? The last time I went skiing was in the eighth grade, so maybe I’m misremembering that the greatest part of skiing was spending time outside on an honest-to-God mountain.

My opinons about indoor ski arenas aside, this is a pretty cool-looking project. The outside is clearly striving to create an icon, even if the scale of the project looks a little daunting. The architects say that the project has “a simplified silhouette that emphasizes the Swedish landscape of forest and lakes.” I can only assume that this emphasis is meant to come from the contrast between the “Swedish landscape of forest and lakes” and the building hoisted above it. Still, the interior looks refreshing and bright in the way it is rendered. If the finished project can maintain this interior quality, it will be heads and shoulders above the slope in Dubai (and not to mention several hundred meters.)


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