Space Suit of the Week

Revered Richard Avedon edited and photographed the April 1965 Harper’s Bazaar. The issue was devoted to youth culture- “Pop, Rock, and the Sexual Revolution”.The cover, which made the American Society of Magazine Editor’s 2005 list of Top 40 Magazine Covers, features Jean Shrimpton in a Day-Glo space helmet. The image has been highly reproduced as an emblem of the sixties when Mod was king and the Space Race dominated popular culture.

The issue was a guidebook to the cultural now. The edition features spacesuit inspired fashions of André Courrèges, the likeness of ‘60s megastars like the Beatles as well as the rising talent of Andy Warhol, Roy Lictenstein, Robert Rauschenberg and others.

I especially enjoy the images of  “the Shrimp”, some shown above. Shrimpton was the It girl of 1960s fashion and became the face of off-beat culture. Avedon couldn’t have picked a better model to be his galaxy girl. At a time when the idea of a female astronaut was unheard of, Shrimpton was the face of youth culture.

The worlds of fashion and space industry in the 1960s collided. Alex previously posted about Nicholas de Monchaux’s bookSpacesuit: Fashioning Apollo which among other things discusses how Playtex, the brassiere manufacturer, secured the contract to make the Apollo Spacesuits.


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