Soundlapse by Fruit Bonus

Still from Soundlapse by Fruit Bonus

Still from Soundlapse by Fruit Bonus

I’ve seen a few of these sorts of music videos: where the commonly-ignored noises that surround us are spliced and woven together into a repetitive, but surprisingly delightful ditty. It’s a sturdy idea. This particular video is the work of a chicago based duo Mark Pallman and Amanda Speva, together called Fruit Bonus. If you watch the video (not too) carefully, you’ll see several kinds of switches, a front yard decked out for halloween and an e-mail with a rather unusual subject line. So watch it, or stare off into space and imagine the noises around you melding into a tune of your own.


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  1. Jo Archibald September 29, 2011 at 2:09 PM

    FFFFFound your blog today. Am loving it!

    me ke aloha (with aloha),

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