‘Firework Spraying Moon’ by Jonti

There is some mystical quality to Jonti’s music. The musician/producer/songwriter seems to have never lost his desire to find those weird sounds you accidentally create. In his debut, the newest addition to Stones Throw records takes on the whole record himself – playing all the above roles to create a cohesive sonic imbroglio that is Twirligig. Firework Spraying Moon feels like a vignette lacking another verse or a true chorus. It lacks some finality. But in that absence it keeps the listener wanting completion. It’s a subtle pop trick. Keep the audience on their toes.

Quite frankly this video is a psychedelic walk through the fields. An open field with water dripping on a ball, strange lights from the hills, people holding hands underwater. I really can’t explain it and that’s a rare enough occurrence to let you know that you should just watch this music video. It’s an ambitious journey that pays off in the sway of Firework Spraying Moon. Jonti brings an untraceable amount of pop influences into it, sometimes recalling 60s psychadelia, other times 90s shoegaze pop. It’s a beautiful fuzzy blend that is equally as fun to watch.


September 29, 2011 / By