The Woodshed, Evan Hecox’s New Tumblr

The Woodshed, Evan Hecox's New Tumblr

The Woodshed, Evan Hecox's New Tumblr

The Woodshed, Evan Hecox's New Tumblr

My name is Evan Hecox, I’m an artist, designer and photographer. This space is intended to be an extension of my studio, as though you were stopping by for a visit on any given day, welcome.

That’s the simple explanation for Evan Hecox’s new foray into the world of Tumblr, which he’s calling The Woodshed. The idea of giving your fans an insight into your work isn’t exactly a new idea, but what Evan is doing seems pretty great, it’s exciting to get a peak into what he’s doing. It’s interesting to see how his work is starting to shift, we’re starting to see these interesting geometric shapes and patterns living with his precious ink drawings. No stranger to working on found objects, it’s interesting to see that he’s starting to do more work on vintage newsprint, it gives his the simple shapes in his pieces a somewhat chaotic framing and an overall interesting balance.

Really looking forward to see more previews of his work.


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  1. John September 27, 2011 at 10:22 AM

    Awesome! I was wondering when we were going to see new work from him again. Evan Hecox is one of my all time favorites. Thanks for sharing!

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