Scott Albrecht – AKA Scotty Five Alive

Scotty Five Alive - Moments In Time series


Scotty Five ALive - All the Little Things

How had I not known about the work of Scott Albrecht before? Scott is an artist and graphic designer currently working in Brooklyn. A few years ago he graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia and since then he has been making artwork for a number of exhibitions as well as creating some beautiful hand-drawn type. Words play a large role in his work and small phrases become moments for reflection and words become tangents for thought. His three-dimensional pieces are particularly striking and I absolutely love the way in which he uses wood throughout his work.

I’m really partial to Scott’s use of found materials; his old books, pieces of maps and discarded wood all add a beautiful texture that sits perfectly against the clean-cut nature of his work. Not only do these elements compliment his style but they also enrich his great ability with pattern, shape and color. Make sure to check out more of his work online by clicking here.


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