‘Whatever Leads Me to You’ by Geoffrey O’Connor (Video)

'Whatever Leads Me to You' by Geoffrey O'Connor

'Whatever Leads Me to You' by Geoffrey O'Connor

Some of you might already know Geoffrey O’Connor as the frontman for Australian pop group Crayon Fields. This week he’s releasing a new solo LP called Vanity is Forever and from what I’ve heard I quite like it. The lead single from the album is a sort of down-and-dark synth-pop number called Whatever Leads Me to You. It’s a great track and it combines an excellent edgy bass-line with some nicely textured 80s-style synthesizers.

The video above captures the mood of the song really well and I’m particularly drawn to the lighting and the colors in it. Overall though, it’s the decidedly soft-rock quality of the whole thing that does it for me, and the the combined video and music captures the essence of classic synth-rock from the 1980s (for better or for worse). Currently O’Connor is streaming the whole album for a limited time on his Soundcloud page here, which I recommend you check out.


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