Ordos Museum by MAD Architects

Ordos Art and City Museum by MAD Architects

Ordos Art and City Museum by MAD Architects

MAD Architects has recently completed the Ordos Art and City Museum in inner Mongolia. The museum is the first public building completed by the firm, lead by Ma Yansong. (There are some great construction photos here.) The project is also the first in a series of prominent commissions to be completed by MAD. What’s remarkable about this project is its context: a city that barely exists in the Gobi desert. The form of the museum is a response to this context; in an interview with Will Jones, Yansong says “Inner Mongolia has a lot of horizontal landscapes: sand dunes, windswept land, big skies. I decided to make a building that would be set into the desert. Even though the museum would eventually be within an urban context, I wanted it to connect directly with the desert.” Above is a video of a horse walking through the shiny, new museum… which seems like a funny way to create a narrative connecting the museum to the desert.


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  1. Hayden September 29, 2011 at 2:16 PM

    That’s nuts!

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