‘Burning Man’ Movie Poster by Jeremy Saunders

'Burning Man' Movie Poster by Jeremy Saunders

It seems to me like it’s a great time to be a movie poster designer, as there’s so many horrible movie posters out there surely they should be able to one up, right? In this case, Jeremy Saunders has elevated this teaser poster for the movie Burning Man to a level of pure art. There’s so much going on in this poster, vegetables strewn around the ground, water reflecting sky… oh yeah, and a dude on fire. It’s all done with a perfectly color palette, with blues dominating the piece so that the red of the fire and the yellow lemons pop so much more. But it’s also filled with some deeper meanings as well.

So I was desperately looking through the stills for inspiration and saw a few (taken by Lisa Tomasetti) of Matthew Goode and Jonathan talking, reflected in the puddle, that for some reason I’d just ignored and was suddenly very taken with them. The strewn foods are from a car crash scene, and it helps to reflect (no pun intended) that Tom’s life is out of control. Plus, you know, he’s a chef, so there’s that.

You can read more about Jeremey’s process over in Adrian Curry’s post on Mubi.

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