Introducing Your New Space Lady, Alana Zimmer

Introducing Your New Space Lady, Alana Zimmer

For the last few months, Alex and I have been talking about discontinuing the Space Suit of the Week. He’s been writing these posts for 67 weeks now, and you know, there’s only so much of a topic you can take. What was a random fun idea by Alex turned into something that you readers totally love and look forward to on Friday mornings.

Through a random series of events my buddy YMFY introduced to Alana Zimmer, a rad chick in San Francisco who happens to be running a super amazing Tumblr all about space. How perfect is that? So Spacesuit of the Week is definitely sticking around, only this time run by a cool space lady. Please give her a warm welcome to the TFIB crew and check in Fridays at 10am PST for her awesome space related posts.


September 16, 2011 / By