Planningtorock’s “Living It Out”

Planningtorock, Living It Out

Planningtorock, Living It Out

Planningtorock, Living It Out

Planningtorock has been ruling my music library for some time now, even to the point where I had to convince Bobby to let me post a video of hers that was published retroactively but was, still, very cool. She’s been doing a lot of great things in the experimental/techno/German/DFA/goth scene, including an excellent mix through Resident Advisor and a remix with unlikely pair Creep, among a list of many other cool things she’s been up to.

In keeping with all of her singles, she recently directed the video for her third single, “Living It Out.” The song was the first song that really clicked for me on W because it’s this huge banger of a goth dance techno song that makes me start doing dance convulsions every time I hear it. When I first listened to the song, it seemed like an obvious move for the song to be the third single on the album because James Murphy would want to market it as DFA’s newest dance hit. However, PTR didn’t let it go that way at all. The song in the video, seen above, takes a step in a completely different direction of the album cut, deconstructing the goth techno song into this erratic cabaret that isn’t too far from the album version, but far enough that it is not a comfortable listen the first time through. It definitely does an excellent job of making the listener fight to understand it. I love it.

In the video, PTR (real name Janine Roston, when not in costume, masks, or prosthesis) frolics around Berlin statues and studios in a “Living It Out” bandana, giving her best goth/albino Erykah Badu meets Rocky Horror‘s Magenta. The video is fairly non-objective, besides the fact that it is in keeping with Roston’s contemplative, uneasy performance style in her videos. In this video she maintains the blue hue of “Doorway” and “The Breaks” and W as a whole and positions it as a tattered, rusted vision, perfectly playing beside old statues. It showcases Rostron’s video hallmarks at their best: overlayed images, toyed with linear time, and screen splitting.

The video is fun and smart and totally PTR. Give it a play and feel free to head bop along to the song. It totally requires that.


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