Make The Logo Bigger: How Designers Are Winning The Age Old Battle

Turner Duckworth's design for Diet Coke

Target Branding by Allan Peters

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Earlier this morning I read a tweet from Evan Stremke commenting on this great branding initiative for Target by Allan Peters (which you can see above). The extreme scale of the logo is possible because of the universal knowledge of the Target brand, that no matter what size it still reads as an ad for Target. The branding made me think of another recent rebrand by Turner Duckworth for Diet Coke in which he blew up the logo and placed it on the can. Yet again it’s a testament to the brand itself, that no matter the scale the logo works because of the colors and shapes of the logo.

Overall though I thought it was funny a trend happening, that the age old complaint of designers is that we always have to make the logo bigger, but here we are doing it on purpose. I might be reading too much into this or we may start seeing it more and more, but designers have taken hold of the reins and are exaggerating the size of the logo to a gigantic scale. I know this has been done in the past, but I thought it was interesting to compare the two.

Are there any other good examples of this that you can think of, recent or historical?


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