The Illustrations of Robbie Porter

Robbie Porter for With Associates

Imran Yusuf by Robbie Porter

Robbie Porter is an illustrator and designer who currently lives and works in Scotland. What attracts me most to Robbie’s work is the way that he can combine a strait-laced approach to his style of drawing and then contrast it with a warm sense of humor. It’s a playful dichotomy and I think it totally works. A quick flick through his portfolio and you’ll find yourself in a crazy world where business men take dinosaurs for walks and lumberjacks knock down giant pencils.

Over the last few months he’s worked on a number of exhibitions and zines as well as creating posters and illustrations for a variety of clients. Recently he collaborated with the digital agency With Associates to help them create their website for the month of August. It’s an exciting idea and it’s well worth checking out Robbie’s contribution to the project. More of his work can be found online here.


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