‘I’m God’ by Clams Casino

I'm God by Clams Casino

Mike Volpe, aka Clams Casino, is a producer out of New Jersey. After years of being your standard bedroom laptop beat maker, he has been able to get some attention from the mainstream hip hop world. More specifically, badasses like Lil B and the mainstream icon Souljah Boi (come on you know you like him). Recently signed to one of my favorite experimental labels, Type Records, the home of Johann Johannsson and Richard Skelton, it seems like this dude is on the cusp of fame.

I included the Lil B version but I am really focused on the instrumental. This track has got it all: loud percussion, beautifully therapeutic ambient loops and soft, expressive vocals. It’s a miracle it is held together under the drum rolls and boom bap drums but it really works. This “ambient hip hop” genre has been around for a while now (even a mainstream artist like Drake cites Boards of Canada as an influence) but rarely does it work this well and such emotional expression.

If you want more, pick up his instrumentals here.


September 13, 2011 / By