The Fox Is Black Is Seeking Los Angeles Writers For A New Project

The Fox Is Black Is Seeking Los Angeles Writers For A New Project

Bobby and I have been hard at work on a new site we are going to be launching very, very soon. We are super excited about sharing it and are giving you a little taste with this post because, of course, we need writers to help out.

The site is centered on art, design, and culture in Los Angeles. It will feature news and coverage on local art shows, projects artists are up to, design throughout the city, the culture of the city, and anything and everything in between. This will be a forum for us to share our thoughts on what is happening in Los Angeles, as the city is really coming into its own with thriving art, fashion, food, entertainment, and much more. We hope to be the city’s biggest champion, a mouthpiece for just how awesome Los Angeles is.

This is where you guys come in: we’re looking for writers with an eye for aesthetics that are involved, support, and interested in Los Angeles’ artistic community to contribute to the site. We want people who seek out new ways to see art in the city, people who can spot growing trends in the city, and people who want to yell the city’s praises from atop Runyon Canyon.

If you’re interested in contributing to the site, here’s what you have to do:
Send three writing samples. These do not have to be related to the site’s focus, but should convey your writing style, voice, and opinions on things. They should be three to five paragraphs each.
Send ten article pitches of things you would contribute. This is likely the most important part: we get to see what you would be bringing to us. These need to be one to three sentences each, explaining your idea for a post: think of them as pitches for articles. Please don’t just send in things like a write up Lynda Benglis at MOCA, a restaurant review of Animal, an essay about Joy Rich, and reasons why you love Coachella. Sure, those could be great, but we want things that are a little less obvious.
Let us know how long you have lived in Los Angeles, what you do in the city, what neighborhood you live in, and a few of your favorite places to hang out. We want to get a sense of your relationship with the city.
Include any pertinent social media of yours, such as your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook–anything you feel is important to get a sense of who you are.
Send this to by September 26, 2011 at 6PM PST with the subject line “Los Angeles Writer.”
If you do not live in Los Angeles at the moment, do not submit. We will not be able to consider you.

The position is not compensated to begin with, but we are hoping to be able to supply something in the future. However, there will be opportunities to attend events, galleries, and openings on behalf of the site. People have always think Los Angeles is a silly city that isn’t to be taken seriously. We are going to be the ones that change how people perceive us and the city.


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