‘Primates’ by Ruben Brulat

'Primates' by Ruben Brulat

'Primates' by Ruben Brulat

'Primates' by Ruben Brulat

These photographs by French photographer Ruben Brulat are amazing! I discovered them thanks to TFIB reader Julien Porquet who felt that the photos I featured last week by Kevin Kunstadt were similarly immense. I certainly agree that Brulat’s photographs are vast in scale and the sheer size of his backdrops are incredibly striking.

His work captures the vulnerability and the smallness of humans. The photos above come from a series from 2009 called Primates. Each photograph shows a figure naked and almost lost amid their environment. They are self-portraits and each one captures Brulat attempting to merge amongst the hostile surroundings of the world we inhabit. As viewers, we seem to hold a connection to this environment and yet as we view Brulat attempting to merge with it – it highlights the truth; our environment can be a truly unwelcoming place and that our role amongst may be more foreign then we like to believe. You can view more of Brulat work online here.


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