Congrats to the ADC Young Guns 9 Winners

Congrats to the ADC Young Guns 9 Winners

Earlier this morning the winners of the ADC Young Guns were announced and the list was filled with the names of quite a few people I respect and call friends. All of the winners should feel extremely proud for winning, especially when you’re being judged by a jury of your equally creative peers. But I wanted to take a moment to say congrats to a few certain people who’ve been awesome enough to work with me and contribute to the The Fox Is Black, or in same cases, Kitsune Noir.

Olimpia Zagnolli
I guess I’ve “known” Olimpia for over 3 years now, posting about her work back in the spring of 2008. Her style of using simple but bold line drawings coupled with bold colors clearly get her point across and has become her signature style, a style that’s obviously working out quite well for her. She even did a desktop wallpaper for the site a long while ago, which is still one of my favorites to this day.

Jon Contino
Jon is a newer buddy of mine, though I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time now. You might remember this post I wrote about him, or in particular the 4th of July wallpaper he created for the site, featuring the mega-buff Uncle Sam. He also runs the mega cool clothing brand CXXVI, which is honestly one of the best new lines I’ve seen. We’re also working on a secret side project for fun, which I’m hoping we’ll get to one of these days.

Dan Cassaro
At first pass I didn’t even see Dan’s name on the list, he’s listed as Daniel, but I was super stoked to see that he’d been dubbed a winner as he’s one of the finest designers I know. I’m entirely jealous of his typography skills, I have no idea how he dreams some of this stuff up. For example, take a look at his Dribbble, which is basically just nugget after nugget of pure gold. I was lucky enough to have Dan work on not one but two wallpapers for the site, his Macintosh inspired throwback wallpaper as well as the Charlie Sheen desktop wallpaper he created along with Erik Marinovich and Richard Perez. He also curated the fabulous 50 and 50 State Mottos Project, which I’m still to do this day jealous that I didn’t think of that idea first.

Brent Couchman
I came across Brent’s work only about a year ago, but the guys work is so iconic that it makes total sense why he’d be chosen as an ADC Young Gun. I think Brett’s ability to put in just the right amount of information really sets him apart from his peers. He doesn’t need to go big or flashy when a perfectly designed symbol can tell the story just as well. I was lucky to get him to make a brilliant shoe lace filled wallpaper that’s a perfect example of Brett’s style.

It still amazes me that I get to chat and work with designers who are so well regarded and doing so many amazing things. If you told me 4 years ago that I’d call people like these my friends, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. That’s why I continue this blog, and that’s why I love what I do, it’s the people you meet and the friendships you acquire over time. Yet again, congrats to all the winners, and I’m sincerely looking forward to hearing next years winners.


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