Sergio Serrano, Winner of Re-Covered Books: ‘Jane Eyre’

Sergio Serrano's Cover for Jane Eyre

I want you to come up with something that’s new and contemporary, something that will grab the attention of a person walking by but that still stays true to the spirit of the book. Don’t do anything retro, a Penguin throwback or anything of the sort. I want to see new, fresh ideas.

Those were the requirements I laid out for the Jane Eyre Re-Covered Contest. In my opinion there’s already enough retro-inspired designs out there, so I wanted to see something new and fresh, bringing a new life to an old story. The contest entries this time around were fantastic. I narrowed down the entries I thought were best, and ended up with nine. NINE! So narrowing that group down to one was not an easy feat. Going over the entries though, there was one that felt like something fresh new, and that was from Sergio Serrano.

Sergio’s entry perfectly nails the idea of contemporary visuals for a classic tale. The visual elements that make up the cover are beautifully orchestrated, the half of a woman’s face, the spooky house with the sky overlaid and the nebulous black shape containing the book’s title. The muted color palette is perfect, and the pop of red really grabs your eye and brings you to the book title. Overall though it’s extremely simplistic and not overly showy, just a haunting, restrained beauty that makes you want to pick this book up.

A huge congrats to Sergio for winning and a big thanks to all who entered. We’ll be announcing a new Re-Covered Books contest tomorrow I think, so be sure to get your ideas flowing. Kyle picked Jane Eyre and you all loved that one, so I think I’ll let him pick again.


September 6, 2011 / By