Jack Hudson

A Few of my Favourite Things' for Nobrow by Jack Hudson

Tublord Poster by Jack Hudson

Editorial for O Magazine by Jack Hudson

I’m surprised that I haven’t written about Jack Hudson‘s work before. The Birmingham-born illustrator creates wonderful illustrations from his studio in Bristol and he fills them with the most amazing shades and colors. A lot of his work is driven by narrative and he has a great ability to create exciting, imaginary worlds filled with a variety of strange occurrences and fantastic looking people. The other day he created a wonderful poster for a duo of indie gig promoters called Dirty Otter and the finished piece is fantastic; you can check it out above. I really love the simplicity of his designs and his restrained use of color.

The image at the top of this post comes from an issue of Nobrow‘s biannual journal and the picture came about when Nobrow asked 30 artists and illustrators to create an image based on the theme “A Few of My Favourite Things”. It’s a great idea for a publication and Jack’s contribution is fantastic. I’ve spent a good long time getting lost in the world of his favorite things and discovering his love of bike-rides, rucksacks and inkwells! More work can be found here.


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