‘Southbound’ by Sea Oleena

'Southbound' by Sea Oleena

Today is a day for soothing music. The last few days for me have been a little hectic and so I find myself turning to Charlotte Oleena and the music she records under the name of Sea Oleena. The Montreal based multi-instrumentalist creates gently hushed dream pop and her soothing voice is both sweet and hazy.

Southbound is the opening track from her most recent album Sleeplessness which she released as a name-your-price release last April. The tracks gentle drum lulls you in and then the song slowly builds over it’s six and half minutes. It’s a beautiful piece and it comes highly recommended! Over the space of a year Sea Oleena has managed to put together three excellent albums and you can download each of them from her Bandcamp page here.


September 5, 2011 / By