Colour Club for Kidda: Tour Visuals

Colour Club for Kidda

Colour Club for Kidda

Colour Club for Kidda

Before today, I did not know who either Colour Club or Kidda were. But, judging from the names of both, I knew they must be fun. In any event, I stumbled upon a video of tour visuals made by UK animators/illustrators Colour Club for UK electronic artist, Kidda, which is how I came to learn those names.

What caught me was the bright colors and fun characters that the video was boasting. And, when I pushed play, that is definitely what I got to an equally colorful and fun tune. The video features loads of short snippets of these giant characters in action, many of which are seemingly humping phallic objects, exploding in and out of things, and running amok in happy haywire locations. To put things into further context, the video is something that seems like what would happen if the guys of Friends With You directed Troll Hunter while on a lot of acid. That being said, it is really, really great.

From the looks of Colour Club’s record, it seems that they are pretty young group, only having done four or so projects over a little more than a year. I’m going to keep my eye on their future projects because, if this video of visuals in indication of anything, they definitely have some more fun up their sleeves.


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