The Wonderful Animal Illustrations of Ping Zhu

Tigers by Ping Zhu
Dutch by Ping Zhu
Chimpanzee by Ping Zhu

London-based illustrator Ping Zhu has a wonderful portfolio populated with beautiful pictures of people and animals which features an amazing use of color and texture. Originally from Los Angeles; Zhu has worked with an impressive list of clients including the likes of The New York Times, The LA Times and Playboy. I really love her illustrations of animals and her combination of flat colors and rich textures works really well.

Her site, Pingszoo is a playful take on her own name and it perfectly suits as the title for the world where her illustrations can live. At times her work reminds me of the great Charles Harper, particularly in her ability to capture the essence of an animal without the use of unnecessary visual elements. I particularly love the picture of the Chimpanzee (above) which was used as part of a New York Times op-ed illustration about the ethical treatment of chimpanzees for science and research. The texture and shape of this drawing is just amazing. Make sure to take a look at more of her work online here.


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