Milstein Hall by OMA

Exterior of the cantilevering Milstein Hall by OMA

Students pour into the New Milstein Hall

As school kicks back into swing, lucky architecture student’s at Cornell’s AAP are unpacking their T-squares, Paraline rules and shiny new computers in the shiny new Milstein Hall. So recent is the building’s completion that the OMA-designed, 40 million dollar studio expansion still has that new building smell courtesy of the volatile organic compounds slowly leaking out of the fresh finishes. An official celebration of the newness happening at the AAP isn’t scheduled until March 2012, but for now there are a plethora of construction photos on the AAP’s flickr site. While looking around for photos and videos of the project, I came across a series of videos about the projects construction by Jonathan Ochshorn, an architecture professor at Cornell. Below is a video of the professor talking about the construction of one of the projects most prominent features: the dome. There are five other videos by Ochshorn about the building’s construction here.


P.S. The text spelling out “Milstein Hall” in the top photo is actually spelled out in strips of marble that run above and below the floor-to-ceiling glazing.

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