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Devour by Christoper Jonassen

Devour by Christoper Jonassen

Devour by Christoper Jonassen

These aren’t three of the sixty-something moons of Saturn; instead, they are beautiful photographs of frying pans in a series called Devour by Norwegian photographer Christoper Jonassen. Like moons characterized by the “wear and tear” they encounter looping around in space, cookware is marked by its encounters with heating cycles and the occasional scour pad. Floating in dark space, each of these round, metallic landscapes is curious, as in “What has this poor pan been through?” On the other hand, what has poor Pandora been through? It looks more like a dusty potato than celestial orb.

But no potatoes here, anymore; no cheese, either. The only space trick they have left when they’re thrown away and, for a brief second, are flying saucers.


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  1. Dave August 30, 2011 at 4:11 AM


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