Radiohead Remixes – Give up the Ghost, Codex, Little by Little

It feels like its about time that some proper remixes were done of the King of Limbs. For those of us who follow Radiohead, dance remixes of their latest records seem to be the trend. The digital overload of Kid A and Thom Yorke’s obsession with electronica has allowed many unknown and unexpected artists to take full advantage of Radiohead’s sonic landscape. And now, The King of Limbs is getting proper treatment. And no, I don’t mean the original King of Limbs in the first photo above.

This is the third 12 inch released this year regarding the King of Limbs. The artists chosen for this – Thriller Houseghost, Illum Sphere, and Shed – seem to take The King of Limbs in the vein of ambient house and future bass. Considering all three of the original songs are sparse, hypnotic pieces that rely on open spaces and hypnotic repetition, the genres really work. Above is the Thriller Houseghost remix of Give up the Ghost, completely reworked into an ambient bass track. I’m a big fan of Radiohead remixes because they allow a wide variety of artists (including their own listeners) to take a shot at changing their craft work. Maybe I can remix their next track? Who wouldn’t take a shot!

You can buy these three remixes here on vinyl.


August 25, 2011 / By