‘Imagine The Possibilities’ by Magpie Studio

Imagine The Possibilities by Magpie Studio

Magpie Studio's Imagine The Possibilities

Imagine The Possibilities by Magpie Studio

‘Imagine The Possibilities’ is the name of a new project from the guys over at Magpie Studio. The publication was made in collaboration with the paper manufacturer Robert Horne and it looks stunning. When The Robert Horne Group released their latest paper Imagine, they were keen in catching the eye of the creative industries (as you’d guess) and so they turned to the London-based studio for help with their campaign.

Magpie Studio’s response was plain and simple: “with imagination, anything is possible”. While the premise may be a little hackneyed it’s the execution that really nails it for me. Combining a series of inspiring quotes about the nature of creativity with some seemingly impossible illustrations they’ve created a set of posters that are both beautiful and inspiring. I’m particularly fond on the bold choices in colors and the use of heavy black line. Take a look at the rest of the publication online here. As for me, my favorite has to be the diamond print thanks to the great quote from the Scottish philosopher Thomas Carlyle: “No pressure, no diamonds”. True words for sure!


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