Serlachius Art Museum

Serlachius Art Museum by Eero Lunden Studio and Eric Tan

Serlachius Art Museum by Eero Lunden Studio and Eric Tan

Serlachius Art Museum by Eero Lunden Studio and Eric TanThere are many attitudes about the architecture of art museums, but let’s distill them down to two: some think that architecture should serve as a neutral, unobtrusive background to art and others believe that the museum, itself, should be a work of art. There are good and bad examples of each attitude and this proposed museum by Eero Lunden Studio from Helsinki, Finland and Eric Tan of Danish firm PinkCloud.DK is clearly camping out in later territory. By utilizing a structural facade, the interior of the museum is almost completely maleable to create a unique spatial experience. From the competition entry:

White walls + Isolated Rooms = Good museum? Our design of the Serlauchius Museum extension seeks to deviate from that mantra by developing an architecture that directly facilitates human interaction with art. It is our firm belief that the experience of art can be enhanced through innovative architecture and new spatial experiences.

I’m a big fan of this proposal. In part, because it looks like the structure of bone (science nerd) but also because I think flamboyant structures like this are uniquely-suited for art museums. There were other proposals, but none as bold as this one. Sadly, this boney bid did not win (see: winner) and will now begin the slow process of osteoporosis.


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