‘A Celestial Path’ by Kinisi


I’ve been really digging the music of Kinisi lately. The brainchild of Atlanta native Speros Constantine Kokenes, the project features a mix of breezy compositions that are made up of electronic beats, gentle guitars and rolling pianos. I could have posted any one of his tracks today but decided to run with the excellent A Celestial Path. This track is particularly sweet for the way it meanders around the place; mixing through a variety of sounds and textures but always keeping to a fun and summery tempo. I love how it just seems to keep tripping along.

A lot of Kinisi’s music reminds me of the really great early music that Broken Social Scene were making back in the Feel Good Lost days, and there’s also a healthy doses of Four Tet, Tortoise and Boards of Canada mixed into the vibe for good measure. As I said, I could have posted any one of his tracks so if you like A Celestial Path then I highly recommend you head over to his website and listen to more. Best of all, every releases over there is available for free so there really isn’t any excuse not to give this stuff a proper listening!


August 22, 2011 / By