‘Then What Happened’, New Paintings by Damon Soule

'Then What Happened', New Paintings by Damon Soule

'Then What Happened', New Paintings by Damon Soule

'Then What Happened', New Paintings by Damon Soule

It’s my personal goal in life to own a painting by Damon Soule. A fine art painter originally from Georgia, Damon’s paintings make me think of surrealist art done in an incredibly contemporary way. I’d love to step inside his brain and see what makes him create these works of art. I love how he utilizes light and color in his paintings, they always seem so dynamic and consuming. I’m sure if you put a piece of art next to a Damon Soule painting the other painting would look seriously boring in comparison.

He has a show coming up at the Fecal Face Gallery in San Francisco tomorrow night which I would suggest you check out if you’re in the area. Fecal Face also did an interview and took some behind-the-scenes photos of him working, which you should also take a look at. I’m popping up to San Francisco next week so Im hoping to stop by and take some photos of the exhibit and see it for myself.


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  1. Kjell-Roger August 20, 2011 at 3:41 AM

    Wow. Seriously stunned by this paintings. It looks so digital in a way.

    Thanks for sharing Bobby. I just added a new favourite artist to my list.

  2. Marshall August 26, 2011 at 11:36 AM

    Saw him in a group show at the Nexus Gallery in Philly a few years ago, maybe 2005, 2006, and own a couple 11×14 prints of work from that show. His newer stuff is pretty interesting but in an entirely different way. His stuff now seems to be diving right into form and space, where his stuff from back then was very character and narrative driven, almost like comic art. One of my favorite painters working today.

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