Terranova’s ‘Take My Hand’

Terranova "Take My Hand" Kompakt

Terranova "Take My Hand" Kompakt

Terranova "Take My Hand" Kompakt

I have a hard time discerning art from marketing hoaxes and, with Terranova‘s Take My Hand, I’m not entirely sure if this is a visual taste of what is coming on their new album or if this is simply a means by which to elicit “WTFs?” from fans of the genre. The German band, repped by techno powerhouse Kompakt, created the video for the B-Side of their current single. A lot happens, but nothing really happens here: a mysterious woman emerges from a hut with a mask on, a few masked dancers with insane wigs dance around rooms and forests, and some monkeys run about, looking like they are awaiting Walter Ford to paint them. The visual result is intriguing, fascinating, and even captivating, as the music beats on darker and deeper into a nearly acid house direction. Enjoy the video and stick around for the ending title card, as it may explain a few things…


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  1. color orange August 19, 2011 at 5:15 AM

    I think its Walton not Walter
    Thank you and great Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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