Illustrations by Janine Rewell

Marimekko Illustration by Janine Rewell

Janine Rewell

Haltia Illustration by Janine Rewell

Janine Rewell recently launched a new website and it’s filled with some beautiful new work and images. The Helsinki-based illustrator and graphic designer has such an amazing sense of shape and form and it’s clear to see the influences of both Scandinavian design and Slavic folk-art that runs through the things that she makes. Surrealist painters, children’s books, toys and bright colors are also among the other things that Rewell lists as inspiration and together these influences create some wonderful images.

While her designs and illustrations are beautifully clean and clear they’re also filled with great details. With nearly every image she creates a fun little world populated by a host of intricacies. I’m particularly fond of the top image which I’ve posted above. The picture was created as an invitation to the Marimekko showroom at a show in Milan in 2009 and I could honestly get lost trying to discover all the small details that make up the wonderful island in the picture. From the trucks and vans to the elephants, kites and whales; I think the more I look at it, the more I love it – now that’s truly the mark of a good illustration!


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