Eighteen Theatres by Kate Brangan

Grand Canal Theater by Kate Brangan

Olympia Theater  by Kate Brangan

The Abbey Theater by Kate Brangan

A few months ago I bought a fantastic booklet by Irish illustrator Kate Brangan. Entitled Eighteen Theatres, Kate’s publications contains illustrations of exactly that – eighteen theaters from all over Dublin. It’s a fascinating collection of buildings and it highlights simply the sheer variety of architectural styles that can exist within a small city such as Dublin.

The booklet covers all of Dublin’s best known theater spaces; from the brash deconstructivist-style of Daniel Libeskind’s new Grand Canal Theater to the plain-faced facade of the Olympia Theater with its beautifully ornate canopy. Yet knowledge of Dublin or it’s theaters really doesn’t add much to this booklet – it’s Kate’s illustrations that really make it. Her sense of line is exquisite and her drawings strike that perfect conflicting balance of being restrained yet bursting with fun. To see all eighteen theaters check out her portfolio here.


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