Flying Lotus: Lovers Melt 2

LOVERS MELT 2 – Flying Lotus by kronika

Albeit a month late on this one, if you haven’t heard this summer mixtape by Flying Lotus you’ve missed out on one this great combination of classic tracks for your summer listening. Even though we’re a month into loving and absorbing this mixtape, I felt like I couldn’t wait any longer to bring this to your attention. As a follow up to his excellent Stones Throw podcast, Lovers Melt 2 follows the vibe of classic soul, jazz, fusion and psychadelia from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. For these dog days of summer, this’ll get your tail wagging (Editor’s Note: Ugggghhhh, Alec was punished for that one).

This mix lacks complicated transitions and mixing techniques, thank god, and simply focuses on great songs. It’s a cheat sheet to some extent, giving some of the most sampled songs of all time their original context. It’s a collection of DJ hits: all the songs you will probably recognize, just in different forms and mutations. Stevie Wonder’s Golden Lady makes an appearance, followed by hard bop/funk maestro Donald Byrd, and then classic tracks by George Duke and Bobby Caldwell who keep the funky love songs going. Midway through the mix, world jazz/funk takes over. Baris Manco’s Gonul Dagi hits with its unmistakable bass line and synth that keeps collectors digging for rare Turkish funk and Rotary Connection finally gets full play, more than just the Fugees sample. The mix evolves into a spiritual piece as Sun Ra, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea are all given their due. Even David Lynch’s musical wanderings make an appearance.

I couldn’t find a better stream than the one Kronika put up on Soundcloud for your listening enjoyment, but please download it and put it on. It’s a great collection of tracks that will make you say “hey, I know that sound… from where?” So enjoy your porch and summer drinks to this excellent mix.


August 5, 2011