‘Reverence Library – Volume One’

Reverence Library Volume 1 by Sing Statistics

Damien Correll's Tesla for The Reverence Library Volume 1 by Sing Statistics

Luke Pearson's Galleons for The Reverence Library Volume 1 by Sing Statistics

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A few weeks ago those wonderful folk over at Sing Statistics published their third book entitled Reverence Library – Volume One. Following on from their 2009 publication We Are The Friction (which Bobby wrote about here), Reverence Library see the publishers once more teaming up with an amazing group of writers and illustrators to explore the relationship between words and pictures.

Reverence Library is the first in a series of abridged pocket encyclopedias, which founders Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart describe as being ‘inspired by fact and reworked by fiction’. Volume One comes in three parts and features interpretations and collaborations by writers and illustrators on the subjects of Galleons, Nikola Tesla and The Trans-Siberian Railway.

Over the last few days I’ve been breezing through my copy and, as you can see from the images above, it’s an absolute beauty. Amongst the 18-strong contributors you’ll find the likes of Always With Honor, Joshua Allen, Meaghan O’Connell and Damian Correll (above – Tesla). I particularly love Luke Pearson’s piece which you can also see above. It tells the tale of a 16th century fire ship told from the point of view of the ship itself. The book costs just £10 (roughly $16) and can/should be bought here; it comes highly recommended.


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