Interview with Uniform Wares (Video)

Interview with Uniform Wares

Interview with Uniform Wares

Last August I wrote a small watch brand called Uniform Wares to see if they had a black model of their 100 Series watch in stock. It was a simple watch that had a minimal face and band, and that’s why it was so great. Cut to just about a year later and now Uniform Wares is all over the place, becoming a watch that designers like myself see as a modern icon. I thought it would be interesting to post this interview that did interviewing Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles, the designers and co-founders of Uniform Wares.

What’s interesting is that they started out as furniture designers, getting the idea to start crafting watches in the beginning of 2009. Their goal was to design a watch that appealed to themselves and their peers, creating a watch that could be dressed up or down. It’s also great to see how young these guys are, I honestly thought they’d be stuffy old men.

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