The Beautiful CG Art of Victor Hugo

The Beautiful CG Art of Victor Hugo - Baby Magneto

The Beautiful CG Art of Victor Hugo - Captain America

The Beautiful CG Art of Victor Hugo - Street Fighter

I was doing a random crawl through Tumblr the other day when I came across the top image of a baby Magneto which looked like something Pixar would make. Of course, as is the constant problem with Tumblr, there was no attribution to the image. So I did a little digging and found out it was by a talented CG artist named Victor Hugo, and he is currently on quite a roll.

Before I speak about these pieces I think it’s really important to note that top two images were inspired by comic book artist Skottie Young. You can see the original Baby Magneto image here and the Captain America image here. Victor has been very clear that he used these images as inspiration, but as you can see they were simply a starting point for him.

What he ended up creating is nothing short of beautiful. If Pixar hasn’t hired this guy already someone else is going to do it. The idea of seeing a Marvel story done in a Pixar style would be thrilling, and Since Disney owns both, not out of the realm of possibility. I love the details in the Marvel pieces as well. You can see a Spider-man drawing hanging on Magneto’s wall, there’s a plastic rattle on the ground, which he couldn’t pick up, and you can see he’s spelled his name ‘Erik’ in the background. In the Captain America piece, the nerdy kid looks a lot like Peter Parker, you can see a comic book in his backpack which shows Cap fighting someone, the milk carton on the ground is the carton from Blur’s video for Coffee & TV, and the bullies jacket reads Dark Avengers, a group of bad guys from the Marvel Universe.

The Street Fighter image is pretty incredible as well, I especially like how he rendered Dhalsim and the environment around them looks exactly like his game level. I really hope to see more work from Victor, his images are so exciting to me, we need more of this happening.


July 29, 2011