‘Boolean Values’ by Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada

Jonathan Zawada

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This set of drawings entitled Boolean Values are by the Australian artist Jonathan Zawada. They’re taken from an exhibition that was held back in 2008 at the Monster Children Gallery in Sydney. Zawada really has a great sense of tone and his abstract composition are just amazing. The exhibition also featured a collection of his sculptural work, which is just as surreal as these drawings would lead you to believe.

Zawada doesn’t just draw the line at drawing and sculpture – in fact a quick scroll through the exhibitions and commercial sections of his site shows a man of multiple talents who just never seems to stop working. His combination of work in the fields of both design and art lead to a portfolio that is really unique and well worth your time. Currently he’s moving/moved to LA where he is working on a new exhibition. To find out more about his practice I’d highly recommend catching the interview he did with the always wonderful It’s Nice That a few months ago here, then check out more of his work online here.


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