Tinker Hatfield: The Visionary (Video)

Tinker Hatfield: The Visionary (Video)

Tinker Hatfield: The Visionary (Video)

Tinker Hatfield: The Visionary (Video)

If you’ve not heard of Tinker Hatfield, you’re sorely missing out. Tinker Hatfield was originally hired by Nike as their corporate architect in 1981, designing showrooms and stores. But then in 1985 he was asked to start designing shoes, realizing that designing shoes was going to be a big deal in the near future. He was responsible for designing the Air Max 1, probably one of the most well known shoes with it’s clear window, back in 1987. To me, the guy is a visionary, he’s helped shape the way we look at athletic shoes. He also seems like the nicest guy on earth, someone I’d want to grab a beer with and pick his brain about design. Here’s my favorite quote from the video, which I think is nice:

“When you sit down to design something, it can be anything, a car, a toaster, a house, a tall building or a shoe, what you draw or what you design is really a culmination of everything that you’ve seen and done in your life previous to that point.”


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  1. TheDoctorJones August 1, 2011 at 10:08 AM

    what a fantastic video. really nice to see such a 1-to-1 correlation between the source of inspiration and the final product.

    amazing to me that the marketing department was so against the shoe design. it made their lives *infinitely* easier…gave them a visual hook and an instant point of differentiation from the competition

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