Where Architects Work

Nicolas Tye Architects office

Nicolas Tye Architects office

Some architects build their offices as showpieces while others build their offices more like factories. Without making any judgements, I’ve always liked seeing the spaces where architects work: spaces dedicated to making spaces. This particular, pristine workspace belongs to Nicolas Tye Architects. Built next to a barn in Bedfordshire, England, the office is clean and elegant in a way that shows off the firm’s sophistication. That said, I have to wonder where they are hiding all of the unsophisticated mess: the material samples, the model-making scraps or even the trash cans. You could argue that this says something about the firm: “their own workspace suppresses the reality of its operation!” Or you could simply say “Clients come here. It’s pretty. Shut your keister.”

There are decisions to be made in spaces dedicated to making spaces. Whether in a barely bearable warehouse or a sterile showroom for architecture, someone has already decided what that space will be before anyone starts to imagines spaces there. Maybe architecture is getting less messy as more of the work happens in virtual space, so pristine offices are increasingly the norm. Even if you tend to think that offices should look more like messy architecture factories, would you honestly turn down the chance for your workspace to look this sweet?


July 19, 2011