‘How Small We Are’ by Pollyn

'How Small We Are' by Pollyn

'How Small We Are' by Pollyn

'How Small We Are' by Pollyn

You might remember this guest mixtape from my friends over at Pollyn from last year, 20 tracks of musical goodness. Well they’re back with a dose of their own music, a new single and video for their song How Small We Are, and I can’t say enough about.

The track is catchy and infectious, with a vibe that reminds me of Talking Heads but with a touch of jazz. I’ve had this song in my head all weekend, Genevieve Artadi’s vocals are so smooth and her dance moves are pretty unbeatable. The bassline is pretty great as well, I usually never hear bass in songs, but it’s perfect in this track. The video was directed by Adam Jay Weissman, who’s the guy in the background making the beats. At heart it’s a performance video, but there’s so many great touches like the fonts created by Gabrielle Rivera-Weissman and the projections by Jorge Oswaldo that really give it such a unique look.

I don’t think I ever say this, but I would say that everyone will love this song, it’s really that good. This could possibly even by my favorite track of the year so far. Great job gang!


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