‘Carmella’ by Beth Orton, the Four Tet Remix

Daybreaker by Beth Orton

Very randomly, I’ve had two different friends speak about Beth Orton, so I thought I’d post one of my favorite tracks by her, Daybreaker… except it’s also been remixed by Four Tet. I have no idea how and when I found this remix, but I’ve had it for years now and it’s probably one of the best remixes I’ve ever heard. Clocking in at 10:57, this is such a long, beautiful track, Four Tet did such a great job of turning an already wonderful song into an epic masterpiece. It’s great how the drums and claps intermingle with the plinky piano and the distorted guitar. If you need a song to mellow your day out and ease your mind, listen to this on repeat.


July 15, 2011