‘Shoreline’ by Aves

'Shoreline' by Aves

Shoreline is the first release from a new Finish group called Aves. It’s a bright and vibrant slice of chillwave which is a lot of fun and beautifully textured. Indeed, the band itself could also be described as beautifully textured as their sound comes from the members of a number of Finish groups such as Pikku Kukka, Koria Kitten Riot and the excellent Pooma.

The project came about as part of an exciting collective called Stereotype Helsinki, who operate in a number of fields including live gigs, a recording studio, a bi-weekly radioshow and a a terric blog. I’ve been excited about this collective for a while and I’m delighted to hear how great their first release is. Hopefully we’ll be hearing more from both Aves and Sterotype Helsinki in the coming months, but for now head over to Aves bandcamp where you can get a copy of Shoreline as part of a ‘name your price’ download.


July 11, 2011