Bricks, A Concept by Ana Dominguez & Omar Sosa

Bricks, A Concept by Ana Dominguez & Omar Sosa

Bricks, A Concept by Ana Dominguez & Omar Sosa

Bricks, A Concept by Ana Dominguez & Omar Sosa

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Over the weekend I poured over the new Spring/Summer issue of Apartamento magazine, reading nearly all 223 pages. For those unfamiliar, Apartamento describes itself as “a magazine interested in homes, living spaces and design solutions as opposed to houses, photo ops and design dictatorships. The magazine is a logical result of the post-materialist mind shift. People are bored with the ostentatious and über-marketing. There is a real quest for identity in the midst of mass production and globalization, and that quest leads to what is personal, what is natural, what is real.” And that’s really what it is, interesting stories and features about interesting people in interesting places.

One part that really enjoyed were these brick creations, created by Ana Dominguez and Omar Sosa. I love how they used such simple materials but did so much with them. I think these constructs also look so good because of the photography, which was done by Nacho Alegre, who was assisted by Robbie Whitehead. These are moody and playful, both at the same time, though I have to say, seeing these on the screen is nothing compared to the richness of the print version. A big thanks to Robbie for sending these over to me.


2 Comments Bricks, A Concept by Ana Dominguez & Omar Sosa

  1. niclon July 12, 2011 at 8:55 AM

    Looks like Angry Birds!

  2. N-K Creative July 19, 2011 at 4:41 AM

    These are beautiful! I agree the structures look good because of the photography shot in warm tones.

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