‘Summer’ by Moths

Screengrab 2 from Summer music vide by Moths, directed by Feel Good Lost

Screengrab from Summer music vide by Moths, directed by Feel Good Lost

Happy Independence Day! If I’d planned ahead I could have dug-out the perfect track to mark the 4th of July, but instead the weather got the better of me and so I spent my weekend in the countryside enjoying fresh air, clear skies and an irritatingly-high pollen count! Perhaps it’s the good weather that’s made me want to post this terrific track by Moths called Summer.

Moths is the music of Irish artist Jack Colleran, and this track is a terrific way to enjoy your July. It’s a beautifully minimalist piece of electronica with a tranquil, chilled-out sound and some really nicely textured synths. The video (above), was recently released to accompany the track and it’s made by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost. The idea behind the video is fairly simply, with little more then some nice cuts and some simple mirroring, but it works really well with the textures and the rhythm of the track. Although Moths are fairly new to the scene (Jack just finished school a few weeks ago), there’s already a great collection of tracks and remixes over on Soundcloud, and hopefully we’ll be hearing an EP at the end of Summer. I’ll keep you posted!


July 5, 2011