Space Suit of the Week

Brent Schoepf

Brent Schoepf

Brent Schoepf

I was pointed to the great fickr site of Brent Schoepf, who has recently posted several space-suit-centric designs. Some are up as wallpapers and others are up on threadless where they hope to become t-shirts that you can wear on your body. And just in case the youngin’ wasn’t busy enough, he made this music.  I prefer the colorful and curious collages to his black and white stuff, but even those are great.  He says that he “pretends to make art” in a self-deprecating understatement. But he says a lot of things, like his favorite color being “mint-seafoam-aqua-green-teal” or “magic wizard purple.” You can watch a video of him talking here.


P.S. I’m not exactly sure why “the end” appears on on a few of his space suit designs, but I can’t help but think of the end of the shuttle program. This week, the final launch date of the entire NASA shuttle era was announced: the 8th of July.

Alex Dent

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