Matthew Cusick

Matthew Cusick collage

Matthew Cusick portrait

Mattew Cusick Map 2

Matthew Cusick waves

How boss is this collage work by Matthew Cusick? Intricately woven from castoff maps, sometimes with the addition of paint, Matthew builds them into most intense landscapes. These must be show-stopping in person, I’m already entranced just from my computer screen!

I struck google gold and found this interview with Matthew; his thoughts on collage are brilliant:
Collage is a medium perfectly suited to the complexities of our time. It speaks to a society that is over-saturated with disparate visual information. It attempts to put order to the clutter and to make something permanent from the waste of the temporary. A collage is also a time capsule; it preserves the ephemera of the past. It reconstitutes things that have been discarded. A collage must rely on a kind of alchemy; it must combine ordinary elements into something extraordinary. Extraordinary, indeed. Major hat tip, sir!

Found through But Does It Float


July 1, 2011