Some Pile of “Trash”: Big Crunch by Raumlabor

Big Crunch by Raumlabor

Big Crunch by Raumlabor

As a kid, I could not believe some of the things my mom would throw away: we’re talking high-quality junk. “What?! You’re going to throw away the stick-on-bow from this present?!” or “Are you sure we don’t need to keep this ratty, thread-bare towel in case some of our other towels run away?” We didn’t need to keep the bows or towels, but I always hated throwing away anything potentially useful. ¬†Maybe I got this from my grandma who lived through the Great Depression, but I doubt it since I failed to acquire her disinterest in expiration dates. Sometimes, I would talk my mom into letting me take her “trash” and do something with it.

But I never did this. My assemblages of useless refuse remained useless and never rematerialized as the enclosure of a gathering space. Raumlabor Berlin has made such an enclosure out of what looks like debris from a tornado or the season finale of Hoarders. But this is Germany, an in my next broad generalization of an an entire country, I’m going to assume that the neighbors are pretty happy about it. Does¬†Doris Salcedo live in Darmstadt?


June 29, 2011