A Brand New Song by Björk Called ‘Crystalline’

A Brand New Song by Björk Called 'Crystalline'

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A hot new track by Björk just came out of the weirdo oven… and I’m not really sure if I like it yet. I don’t think it’s bad per se, but it’s not really that exciting either. The beat of the song kind of feels like something that might have popped up on Vespertine, my personal favorite of hers, but there’s not a whole lot of punch and excitement to it. It’s rather simple, the beat stays consistent, she doesn’t sing any differently from her normal tenor… that is until there’s about 45 seconds left in the song, and you’re kicked in the face with some crazy drum and bass. We’re talking almost Atari Teenage Riot style beats, or perhaps Squarepusher would be a better example.

Supposedly Michel Gondry is directing the video to the song, but I haven’t seen it pop up anywhere yet, so don’t hold me to that.


June 28, 2011